Planet EduVentures aims to create 'ecosystems of growth' in education domain by bringing together institutional stakeholders, startup innovators, engagement specialists and contributors to enable communities of students, teachers, facilitators and visionaries achieve outcomes in respective contexts. Planet team thus reflects values of excellence and commitment to bring about the necessary change for India's evolutionary growth in its education system. 

Amol Parkhe
Founder CEO

Mr. Amol Parkhe, IIT Bombay alumnus has been an Fortune Global 500 Facilitator, Trainer & Speaker in capacity of management and transformative consultant to various top companies. For the last ten years, his exclusive focus has been on learning and assimilation through engagement innovations.

Rohit Bhange

Rohit, alumnus from IIT Bombay, 2011 batch, hails from Bilaspur, Chattishgarh. IIT gave Rohit the best platform to explore his passions and he found education as a potential transformative force which can bring about grassroot-level changes in the socio-economic dynamic of an emergent young India. 

Ramesh Badam

Ramesh, alumnus of IIT Bombay hails from Nalgonda near Hyderabad, now in Telangana. With the best four years at IIT behind him, Ramesh chose education as a career space to enable those like him who come from humble backgrounds. He dreams that someday he can go back to his roots in order to raise talent and help them achieve their dreams.

Sahil Kumar

Sahil, alumnus from IIT Roorkee, hails from Jaipur. IIT Roorkee helped him gain perspectives on different cultures of his batchmates belonging to various states. He believes that the innate talents and energy which students possess needs to be nurtured, shaped and channelized in the right direction.  

Rahul Kumar

Rahul, alumnus of IIT Guwahati hails from the scenic Palampur in Himachal Pradesh. Rahul aspires to take education to the next level by judicious use of technology combined with human engagement. He believes in experiential education as the key to making science come alive in classrooms.

Somya Patra

Somya, alumnus of NIT Rourkela, hails from Jajpur, Odisha. NIT experience taught him how colleagues from various cultural background share the same story of education and the struggles within it. Somya was inpsired to bring about a change in the education system by contributing towards pedagogy research which can be deployed in scalable interventions in K-12 systems across India.

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