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Collaborations include K-12 interventions into STEM learning as well as coaching for national engineering and medical competitive entrance exam coaching such as IIT-JEE, NEET, AIIMS, BITSAT, etc wherein tie-ups with school/college organizations helps us setup the necessary infrastructure to produce students with top All-India-Ranks (AIR).


Planet Consulting Team specializes in enhancing the effectiveness of pedagogy systems in school and college settings by deep engagement with the stakeholders in the organization including management, teachers, parents and students so as to achieve desired outcomes in evolutionary manner.


Planet Events Team specializes in engagements wherein thought leaders in the field of education including emerging startups, game changers, investors, entrepreneurs, policy makers, authors et al converge before to enable key outcomes. PLANETx is a core flagship event of the company and shall be hosted in 30 cities by year 2020.


Education system in India needs specialized interventions to solve a host of complex challenges which cause impediment in a student's holistic growth. The solutions are necessarily emergent in nature and require iterative mode of engagement.


This requires perseverance to sustain the engagement process to observe, document and standardize the outcomes in order to scale the solution models in various contexts.


Rural, semi-urban, urban and metro cities are just one dimension of the taxonomy of educational ecosystem. Culture, socio-economic background, parental behavior, school environment and other inter-linked factors also influence the learning and assimilation capacities of a student.

To enable the student from where he or she is to a world of possibilities of growth and evolution - has been the singular vision of Planet EduVentures to drive various initiatives over the years. Needless to say, collaboration, co-designing and co-creating new futures with various stakeholders are essential ingredients in the process.


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