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PLANETx aspires to become a global platform dedicated to enable ‘transformative action’ in the domain of education. PLANETx is aimed at bringing thought leaders in education on a common platform to share insights with practitioners. PLANETx will have 30 city chapters across India in the next two years beginning December 2018 to February 2020.


Planethon is a written preliminary intra-school exam which tests student’s  mental ability, dexterity, ability to think out-of-box and logical reasoning. Planethon qualifiers will enter Round Two. Final winners will awarded at city level at PLANETx event in the city.


STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) are the most sought after careers in the world today. A festival of workshops in STEM fields will be open for participation for thousands of students in every city chapter every year. Students learn through experiential learning on aeromodeling, robotics, electronics, structural engineering and the like over a fun-filled weekend.


Planetpreneur is a platform for college students with entrepreneurial instinct to pitch their startup idea in front of potential seed/angle investors. The event involves making a presentation of your product/service/prototype to seek funding through live interaction with investors. Student teams are selected from various colleges within a city. The qualifiers will pitch at the PLANETx event in the city.

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